• Benjamin Gin Blackberry Gin
    This is our second fruity expression of the range. Inspired by foraging for blackberries in the late summer hedgerow, we decided to enshrine this in a beautifully balanced gin. Post Infused with blackberries giving this gin a burst of sweetness and a deep purple colour. Ripe blackberries on the nose with a touch of citrus follows through with juniper and warming cinnamon to leave you with refreshingly mellow honeysuckle and vanilla. Best served with Fever-tree Mediterranean Tonic or Cloudy Lemonade.
  • London Dry Gin
    Benjamin Hall London Dry Gin is a perfect reflection of the history that inspires it, with a flare of innovation. A true London Dry Gin, all 11 botanicals are added during distillation – never after – for a deeper flavour. A confident juniper front gives way to a burst of fresh citrus with a rich warming hint of cinnamon and star anise and rounded off with subtle creamy vanilla. Best served with Indian tonic water and a slice of orange for the perfect G&T or a great base to your favourite cocktails.
  • £19.50
    Benjamin Hall Sicilian Lemon Gin is the newest edition to our ever-growing gin range. Bursting with lemon zest and juniper, this gin is crisp and refreshingly tasty! Using our famous London Dry base, we distil this gin with an extra punch of Sicilian lemon to ensure a citrus savour on the palate. Perfect when served over plenty of ice with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic, not forgetting a slice of lemon to garnish! If you’re feeling creative, this Sicilian Lemon gin works deliciously well in a Lemon Drop Martini!
  • Benjamin Hall Strawberry Gin
    We add a fruity twist to our premium London Dry Gin by post-infusing it with sweet strawberries. The soft berry flavour is perfectly paired with classic notes of juniper and citrus to produce a finely balanced contemporary distilled gin with a hint of sweet strawberry.
  • Benjamin Hall Vodka
    Distilled to create a smooth and creamy vodka. We use a grain base and the purest water to ensure our vodka is of the best quality leading to its fresh, clean and crisp character. Delicious served chilled or mixed into your favourite cocktails.